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When the late Walter Laurie, Founder of Strandfoam Group in South Africa, ventured into the business world in 1950 with £136 in his pocket, he had a dream. Little did he know that his dream would become an inherent part of the dreamworld of thousands of people. Before Walter started creating comfort for dreamers, he provided cushioning for fruit in the form of woodwool. The late Walter Laurie realised that the machinery needed for manufacturing foam for the fruit industry could also be used to manufacture foam for a wider range of products.

In 1968 Strandfoam was born.

First steps for Strandfoam UK

At Strandfoam UK Ltd, we have a passion for creating quality products for our customers and ensuring they are part of the journey. Our story began when John and his Wife, Yolanda, moved to the UK in 2020.


After Honda Logistics closed down in 2021, John saw an opportunity to purchase the old factory and start a new manufacturing business. 


In April 2022, building work commenced and Strandfoam UK Ltd was born and on the 30th of November the first foam was made.

Everyone Played Their part

Gover, Horowitz and Blunt have stood by Strandfoam UK to establish a strong customer base in the UK. Stephen Horowitz has been a lifelong family friend and business partner with the Laurie Family not only only in South Africa but now in the UK too. 

With a loyal customer base and strong network of long-term family friends, Strandfoam UK Ltd offers something special: reliable and high-quality products with a personal touch.

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Meet the Team

Strandfoam UK Ltd is a family business committed to providing top quality products with a personal touch. We have a small team of dedicated specialists who have years of expertise in the industry, combined with a passion for hard work and dedication. We take pride in the quality of our products, and are constantly exploring the latest technological innovations to make sure our customers get the best value for their money.

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Paul West

General Manager


John Laurie

Managing Director


Philip Laurie



Carly Rose

Sales Administrator


Russell Baxter

Sales Co-ordinator


Alan Oakley-Jones

Health and Safety Manager

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Phil Mapstone

Team Leader


Paul Starling

Team Leader


Gustav Olivier

Team Leader

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